Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hard (Fun!) Work This Week

As I said in my last post, this is a big week for me. The reason that this is a big week for me is that I am trying to accomplish a lot of things. I want to complete the Full Practice Schedule and Full Fitness Routine laid out in my Process Goals. Additionally, I want to have some friendly matches here at home so that I can get in the mindset of playing golf and shooting good scores. On top of that, I have two days of travel this week as Alicia and I will drive to Florida on Friday and then fly from Orlando to Panama on Sunday. It's going to be a be a busy week, but I'm off to a great start and am definitely feeling motivated to keep going!

I'm writing this on Wednesday evening, and that means that one week from tomorrow, I will tee it up in the first Tour event of 2015 and begin my quest to return to the PGA Tour. I am very excited to get the tournament season started. My top Outcome Goal for this year is to regain my PGA Tour Card, but I know that the way to achieve that goal is to wrap myself in the process of improving every week. I know that I talk about them an awful lot here on my blog, but I really like this year's set of Process Goals, and I feel like following them will put me on a course to steadily improve and accomplish great things. Last year, I let my focus settle on the outcome of things too much, and as a result, I felt an unreasonable amount of pressure and also lost sight of my practice goals for much of the season. I want to learn from that mistake. I have my 2015 Outcome Goals written down where I will look at them every day, and I want them to serve as a great source of motivation. I want my daily focus, however, to be on the process of improving. I really enjoy the hard work that I put into my game, and I am ready to relax and trust that work in competition. 

That's not to say I don't have a lot more hard work to do. I am excited to keep improving. The work that I have done on my mechanics over the past three months is making a huge difference for me, but I still have work to do to own my swing. My wedge play, short game, and putting all feel great, but those areas can alway be sharper. I love to practice, and I am committed to doing it well this year. 

I have had beautiful January weather so far for this big week of preparation. I've had two matches already--an encouraging one on Monday and a very sloppy one that reminded me I still have work to do on Tuesday--and another one planned for Thursday. My practice has felt good and I am on track to complete my "Full Week" Process Goals. It has been a solid week so far, and I'm feeling great. 

Thank you for your support. I appreciate you keeping up with me. We are getting very close to the fun stuff (competing and winning tournaments!), so keep it here for more news and to enjoy this great ride with me. 

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