Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Go Time, 2015!

It is impossible not to think grandly at this time each year. Tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 8:05, I will tee it up in the first round of the first Tour event of 2015. Over the past three months, I have had the best practice of my life, and I definitely feel like tomorrow will be the start of a great year. In addition to three great months of work, I have had three really good days of preparation here in Panama. With all that said, I know that I need to turn my excitement down a notch and simply go have fun playing golf. My mind wonders to the great things I want to accomplish this year, but I know that to have success, I must stay in the present and stay committed to to my plan. 2015 will be a great year for me, but it starts with being relaxed, being present, playing one shot at a time, and following my process. I'm ready to do that! 

My work in Panama has been great. I really like the course, and I feel ready to get started. Keep it here for updates throughout the tournament, and thank you for following me!


  1. Congratulations on the WEB tour. I cannot imagine getting up to go to work playing golf. You are really living the dream. Beautiful golf courses all over the world. Stay focused on that big prize and before you know it you will have your PGA card and we will be able to see more of you on television each week.

    Jarrett @ The QATSPY Golf Approach

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