Sunday, January 11, 2015

Great First Week!

I certainly meant to give at least one update during the last seven days, but it was a very full week with a lot of stuff happening. Alicia and I battled cold weather in Jacksonville and severe cold (the illness) symptoms in Orlando. On Saturday, we embarked on our longest (in terms of mileage) journey together as we flew from Orlando to the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. Through it all, we stayed focused, did great work, and had a blast. Our hard work paid off. It's now Sunday evening in Hawaii, and we are feeling great as we look back on our long week.

My first official work week of 2015 was not without its challenges. I had great weather for my first two days in Florida, but it turned chilly and then downright bitterly cold on Wednesday and Thursday. Still, I managed to get in some useful practice. I was dealing with some annoying cold symptoms all week, but they tried to knock me out on Friday. I didn't let them. I had a great session with Mitchell in Orlando during which my swing really started firing on most cylinders. Saturday was fun as Alicia and I began our day at 3:50 AM in Orlando and went to bed five time zones and 23 hours later at 9:50 PM in Hawaii. (There was plenty of sleeping on air planes in between, though.) So there were plenty of challenges to overcome this week, but nothing that was really problematic.

I am absolutely thrilled with my effort and my work this first official week of 2015. I completed a Full Fitness Routine this week, and, with a great day of work in the beautiful Hawaii weather on Sunday, I completed my Full Practice Schedule, too! That is a great way to start the year, and I can tell that I am really going to like my 2015 Process Goals.

So now to the real question: what are we doing in Hawaii? Easy, I'm going to qualify for the Sony Open on Monday (1/12), and Alicia and going to caddie for me. The Sony is a PGA Tour event at Waialae Country Club, and that was one of my favorite courses on Tour last year. I feel like my game is in good enough shape to qualify and compete in the tournament, so I feel like it was definitely worth it to make the trip out here. The Monday Qualifier will be a challenge as they always are. At this particular qualifier, 80-something players are assembled competing for four spots in the tournament field. At the end of the day on the Monday, the assessment will be pass/fail, but I feel ready and am excited to compete. This is a great venue for me to kick off my 2015 competitive schedule.

I am excited to get started. I had a great offseason and an even better first week of being back "in season." It would be a great way to start the year to get into the Sony, and I believe that I will do it. Keep it here for an update after the Monday Qualifier. Thank you for following me and believing in me. 2015 is going to be a BIG year!

Also, on a sad note, my first and long-time coach, Bobbo, had a stroke on Thursday night. He was doing well on Saturday and then I heard that he was put back into ICU on Sunday, so I'm not sure how he's doing now. I know a lot of you know him, so let's send some encouragement out for Bobbo and get him back up and running soon!

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