Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Golf of My Life by January 1, 2015

The title of this post has been a common refrain of my posts over the last couple months. I set out eight weeks ago with a mission to be playing the best golf of my life when the calendar turned to 2015. I established an 8-week off-season plan, and I am very proud to say that by completing a Light Fitness Routine over Christmas week, I followed my entire off-season plan perfectly. And the plan is working. I feel like my game and my body are both in great form right now, and I really do feel like I am better at golf than I have ever been.

This off-season has been a great mixture of some new stuff and a dedicated commitment to the same old stuff. The "old stuff" is a solid, goal-oriented practice routine. The new stuff is the work on my swing mechanics that I have done with Mitchell Spearman. He and I have spent four days together over the past two months, and though we have not made any drastic changes, the subtle adjustments we are making is having a drastic impact on the consistency of my golf swing. While working very hard on my mechanics, I have been intentional about not letting my new swing thoughts dominate my practice. I have spent the majority of my time on the old stuff: putting, short game, wedge play, shot-making, and playing golf. This balance has allowed me to feel complete about my preparation, and I am ready to hit the ground running. It has truly been a great off-season.

This week is going to be a bit of strange one, but I am really looking forward to it. I have no practice or fitness requirements this week, so it is kind of a free week. Starting January 5, I will be accountable to a whole new set of weekly practice and fitness goals, but this week is my "transistion" between the off-season and the new season. I may not go at it quite full-speed this week, but you can bet that I won't be sitting around, either!

I am extremely proud of my last two months of work. I had a mission and a set of goals I was going to follow to achieve that mission, and I followed the plan perfectly. This is just the beginning, however. As I move into the 2015 season, these past eight weeks are just a building block. It is time to keep moving forward. I am excited to do just that!

Thank you for following and caring enough to keep up with me. I hope that all of you have have had a wonderful Christmas and that you are ready for a great New Year! Keep it here for another update within the next couple days as I roll into 2015!

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