Sunday, January 18, 2015

Light Week; Feeling Great

I have to admit that going to Hawaii and not getting into the tournament made for a lot of travel in a short period of time. Traveling home from the beautiful islands was a two-day affair, and it took me a third day to readjust to the eastern time zone. Still, I don't regret that trip even a little bit. Not only did Alicia and I get to enjoy three great days together in paradise, I also got back into a tournament mindset and was able to practice all of the things that go along with that. I am hungry to compete again, and it was very good to get a small taste of that this week. It would have been great to get more tournament golf, but the trip to Hawaii served its purpose. Oh, and this view wasn't bad, either!
Once I did come back to reality, it was great to be home. I never quite got back up to full speed this week, but I had three really good days of work Friday-Sunday. When I did not qualify on Monday, I set my sights on completing my Light Fitness Routine and Light Practice Schedule this week. It took a couple of solid practice sessions over the weekend, but I did just that. I am really happy with the structure of my Process Goals this year, and this week was a great example of why they are good. I was able to enjoy a refeshingly fun off-day on Tuesday in Hawaii, travel overnight Tuesday and all day Wednesday to get home, and then still feel a great sense of accomplishment by completing my goals without driving myself crazy the last three days of the week. My Light Practice Schedule forced me to have focused, disciplined practice Friday-Sunday, but it was a very realistic expectation and allowed me to enjoy the time that I spent away from golf mid-week. 

Now I am ready to have a full week, though! This upcoming week will be big for me. It is my last week before the 2015 Tour Season begins. On Sunday, January 25, Alicia and I will fly to Panama to officially get our season started. I have worked very hard on my game over the last three months, and I am excited to have one more thorough week of preparation and then put it into action. 

Thank you for keeping up with me! It's going to be an exciting season. Keep it here for some good updates from my final week of work before it all gets started. 

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