Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alive, Well, and Ready

I haven't been blogging lately. That's not an indication of anything bad but simply my way of taking a breather. I feel incredible! I'm at The Greenbrier in West Virginia for this week's PGA Tour event, The Greenbrier Classic. This is a gorgeous place and a fantastic golf course. I'm excited for a very fun week! 

Thank you for following me and for caring about me, and I promise you that as the tournament gets going, I'll keep you updated right here!

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  1. Peter, I played with you on Monday at The Greenbrier Classic pro-am. Playing in a pro-am is a truly lifetime experience for an average golfer. All of us would love to have your skills and abilities. It is nice to see that you appreciate them. Your excitement and attitude that day truly made it a wonderful experience. I also appreciated your response when were were talking about your play, you told me that I was probably pretty good at my job also. Thanks! You have another fan who will be rooting for you this weekend and beyond. Scott C.


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