Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Unconventionally Prepared

For me to be prepared and achieve the results I desire, I have to be disciplined and regimented with my work. My Map Goals lay the framework for my preparation routine, and in order for me to have a successful career, I need to follow them habitually. On rare occasions, however, the best preparation for me can be to give myself a break. This week at The Greenbrier, I haven't worked out or done very many of my drills. I have played golf every day, but I've also enjoyed some little things with my beautiful wife. It's been fun! Typically I feel my best when I follow my Map Goals thoroughly and with fervor, so I will certainly get back on that plan next week at the latest, but this week I feel strangely ready without having executed my normal routine. I'm excited to get started, and expect to have a great tournament!

Thank you for following me. Come back for updates throughout the tournament. 

1 comment:

  1. We're on our way to White Sulphur Springs to see you play. Can't wait! Go get 'em!
    Bruce and Catherine


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