Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shucky Darns...

My results in Hartford looked awfully similar to the poor stretch of golf I played over the first four months of this year. I posted identical rounds of 72 (+2) on Thursday and Friday to miss the cut by five shots. I managed a very alarmingly low total of just 2 birdies over that 36 holes. It was a very frustrating performance on a golf course that suits me beautifully. 

There is good news in this tale of woe, however. I actually hit the ball quite well for much of my short stay in the tournament. I had a plethora of birdie opportunities and was swinging confidently all week. My putting, on the other hand, was absolutely atrocious during my two rounds. But I hit the ball well enough to be in contention heading to the weekend, and that is very encouraging. 

So, about that putting... I certainly putted the ball poorly enough to warrant some major concern, but I've been too great of a putter for too long to hit the panic button just yet. My practice felt okay in the days leading up to the tournament, but after hitting good putts that didn't go in on two of the first three holes of the tournament, I think I began to press just a little bit. I was struggling to get putts started on line, and very rarely did I hit a make-able putt with proper pace. I know the problem stems from putting too much pressure on myself on the greens, but I'm also certain that some quality practice can free up my stroke and have me putting like my old self in no time. 

The great news from this past week in Connecticut is that I am truly confident in my game. My scores were bad, but I feel good. I'm hitting the ball well, and I know that I am a great putter. I may sound like a broken record, but great things are coming this summer! 

I'm heading home now and will have this week off to prepare for a fun stretch of upcoming tournaments. I am going to conquer all of my Map Goals, and when I hit the road for my next event (The Greenbrier), I will be ready to go! 

Thank you for following and believing in me. Keep it here for a great practice report or two during the week.


  1. I have a friendly suggestion, go to The Greenbrier now and play 9 holes everyday until the tournament begins next Thursday.

  2. Stay home, practice, hang out with the wife and family. The putts will start dropping. Good luck at The Greenbrier!


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