Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ready To Be the Best

have spent the last two days at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game (ASG), and though I only touched my clubs for a quick 18 holes Tuesday morning, I feel like this excursion has been great for my golf game. Through my relationship with, Alicia and I were given the royal (Royals!?) treatment during the ASG festivities, and it's strange how much my experience impacted me and has me motivated moving forward. In addition to feeling very refreshed after having an absolute blast for 48 hours in Minneapolis, I am inspired to go be an "All-Star" in my arena. 

The team from made me feel like a stud during my time with them at the ASG. I did play well in our golf outing on Tuesday morning, but even before that, the vibe I got from them was: "you made it to the PGA Tour, and we think you're awesome!" Obviously a lot of you have offered that same message to me all year, but after some fairly humbling results thus far in my rookie campaign, it was very cool to feel it from a sponsor. 

Their belief in me got me thinking about the way I believe in myself. I am always striving and working to be MY best, but the thought never really occurs to me to be THE best. That is crazy because I have skill sets to be one of the best players in the world. I will never hit long, towering iron shots or dominate courses with power, but I can certainly be the most accurate player and the one with the best wedge play, putting, and mental game in the sport. I have a long way to go because I am not near it right now, but when I get close to achieving MY best, I believe that I will be one of THE best. 

The good news is I already have a plan in place to reach my best golf. Last week I recommitted to my process of focusing on steady improvement each week. This process includes a disciplined approach to my preparation (weekly "Map Goals") and a long-term vision of success. My becoming one of the best players in the world is not predicated on my tournament results next week but rather is dependent on my continual progress over the coming months and years. If I do my work habitually and improve consistently, I will be one of the best players in the world in my career. 

I love my job. I can't wait to go to work. I am going to be THE best. I am going to be an "All-Star"!

Thank you very much for believing in me and keeping up with me. Progress is coming. Great things are coming. Keep it here to enjoy the ride with me!

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