Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trending in a Good Direction

My tournament results this week at the John Deere Classic were definitely not those for which I am looking, but I had a great week. After my opening-round 78, I was definitely behind the eight-ball heading into Friday's round. I essentially sealed my fate with an enraging bogey, double-bogey start to my second round, but I remembered my commitment to my process and focused on improving the rest of the day on Friday. After my horrific start, I played the next 12 holes in six under par. I did lose focus on the final green and committed a lousy three-putt bogey, but I posted a second-round 69, and proved to myself that I am ready to play well. It was nice to make some birdies during a tournament round, and I know I can build on that. 

More importantly, this was a big week for me because I got back to preparing for and thinking about tournament golf MY way. I had the most thorough week of practice that I have had in a long time. Despite a clumsy mid-week fall that scratched up my right hand pretty badly (I played with it bandaged) and cost me a half a day of work on Wednesday, I completed absolutely all of my Map Goals. They are so valuable to me. I really feel like I'm back on a positive track that will allow me to regain my pattern of steady improvement. I am going to continue to be focused, disciplined, and efficient with my work routine, and I am confident that I will be prepared for the opportunities that are ahead of me.

By the way, my hand is completely fine. I fell while out for a jog Wednesday morning because I clumsily kicked a raised piece of the sidewalk I was on and tumbled forward. I'm more athletic than this makes me sound, I promise! I am perfectly fine, though, and actually finished up my practice for the week with no bandages on Sunday and felt good. 

All is good, and I am very excited to keep doing my thing. I have a week off to prepare for my next tournament--the RBC Canadian Open--and I can't wait to get to work! I do get to have a little fun first, though. as having Alicia and I up to Minneapolis for the Major Leage Baseball All-Star game festivities Monday and Tuesday. We are so excited to go enjoy this great opportunity and cheer on the Royals who made the team!

Keep it here for a cool picture or three from the All-Star Game and some great practice reports next week. Thank you for following and believing in me!

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