Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tournament-Week #2 Summary

After playing well in Friday's third round of the eGolf Tour's Oldfield Open, I was excited for the opportunity to have another great day in some nasty weather in the final round. My third round had moved me into a large tie for 4th place in the event, and I was anxious to improve my position with a solid day in what promised to be challenging conditions on Saturday. Unfortunately, the conditions won on Saturday, and the final round was completely washed out, which left the 54-hole results final for the tournament. I really did want to play the final day, but I guess a T4 finish is a good result in my second event of the year. More importantly, I felt comfortable on the course during this past week's tournament, and I can tell that consistently good results are in my future.

During the tournament at Oldfield Country Club and the Callawassie Island Club, I just felt more relaxed than I had the previous week in my first event of the year. It was a nice feeling. I was trusting myself more and executing more freely. That is a great sign moving forward.

I had a fairly good week of practice as well. My time on the practice green was frustrating because it took me ages to complete my drills. In fact, I had just two of my completion drills for putting done when we were washed out on Saturday. I did great work on the practice green all week, and my stroke was (and is) feeling good, but the putts simply were not dropping frequently enough for me to finish my drills in a timely fashion. I took care of business with a solid Sunday afternoon of practice, however, and am pleased to say that I finished all of my work goals for the week. Things looked bleak as I sat inside for the entirety of the day on Saturday, but a "two-a-day" workout on Sunday morning, during which I did a hard interval sprint workout and a full-body strength training session, combined with a solid afternoon effort on the practice green and short game area allowed me to check off all of my work goals. I am pumped about that!

This past week was a good one. I got my mind much closer to where it needs to be for tournament golf, and my execution improved as a result. I still have a lot of improving to do as my iron play was very questionable during the first two rounds and my putting left a bit to be desired at times, but I definitely feel like the last week was a huge step in the right direction.

I will be making my career debut on the NGA (formerly Hooters) Tour next week in Tifton, Georgia. I'm exciting for the challenge of learning a new golf course and a new tournament series. The only thing I know for sure about the NGA Tour is that the player who gets the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes wins. That'll be my goal! I'm heading to southern Georgia sometime during the day on Monday. The tournament begins on Thursday. Come back for a pre-tournament report between now and then. Thank you for cheering for me!

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