Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Report from a Great Week

This week has been just what the golf doctor ordered for me. After a couple of weeks of grinding out great practice sessions but not being able to see stellar results because of nearly unplayably cold conditions, this week has been much better. I have been nailing all of my practice drills and have also had 27 holes worth of matches and another 18 hole round with Bobbo just for practice. In my 27 holes of matches (all at Holston Hills Country Club), I am ten under par for the week. I have had a fantastic week of practice, and my game has felt great on the course as well.

I now have all of my new equipment, and I am pumped to say that most of it was love at first strike. My woods are little changed but definitely slight improvements; my irons, however, are significantly better for me. I have practiced with them only one day, but I already feel comfortable with them.

Things are coming together very nicely! I said in my last post I wanted to find mid-season form in mid-February, and I think I am doing just that. It will definitely be an anxious week as I kick of my 2013 competition schedule next week, but I think my game and my attitude are ready for it!

I have only a little left to do to finish my work goals for this week, but I still plan to have some focused practice over the weekend. I will finish my work goals for this week and continue to sharpen all elements of my game. Come back for a good report at the end of the weekend.

Thank you so much for keeping up with me! It's going to be a fun and exciting year!

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