Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On Hilton Head Island, Ready to Get Started!

The last four days have been crazy. Last Thursday night, I felt like I had my game as fine-tuned as it has ever been. I was a machine knocking out my practice last week and was playing great in some matches, too. Everything was feeling very good. A rainy day kept me from practicing much on Friday, and then a travel SNAFU over the weekend really hampered my golfing time. I had planned a two-day getaway with my wonderful fiancĂ© before I hit the road to start my tournament season this week. I had a great deal on a flight and the weather was going to be nice, so I knew that I would have a great time with Alicia and would get to have some quality practice. Unfortunately, my clubs got mishandled by the airline and didn't make it to my destination until mid-afternoon on Sunday. I hardly got in any practice over the weekend. It was all good, though, because Alicia and I did have a great time together. My travel woes didn't end with the club mishandling, though. To make a long story short, I was supposed to land in Atlanta at three o'clock in the afternoon on Monday, but after a supposedly delayed flight that turned into a missed flight and a two-hour shuttle ride to a different airport, I landed in Atlanta at eight o'clock Monday night. I very safely drove over to Hilton Head Island and parked my car at my host family's house just before 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. It was definitely not how I had scripted the weekend, but I wouldn't trade the time with Alicia for anything.

My golf game is still in great shape. Rainy and stormy conditions (plus my need to sleep until nearly nine o'clock) hampered my practice on Tuesday at Palmetto Hall, site of this week's season-opening eGolf Tour event, but I can tell that things are very close to firing on all cylinders. The only thing that greatly disappoints me about the complications to my plans over the weekend is the fact that I wasn't able to finish all of my work goals last week. I had completed nearly everything by Thursday afternoon, but in the end, I came up 55 minutes of short game work and one of my ball-striking drills short of finishing my work goals last week. It was a stellar week of practice, and that is how I will remember it, but it bothers me not to complete all of my goals. My game really does feel great, though, and I am going to have a great first tournament week of the year this week. And, yes, I will finish all of my work goals, dangit!

This week's event is the eGolf Tour's Palmetto Hall Championship. Palmetto Hall features 36 holes--the Cupp and Hills courses--and both will be used for this tournament. Both are stern tests of golf that demand accuracy and good shot placement. It was too wet today to learn much, but this is my fourth trip to these tracks, and I am excited! The tournament gets underway on Thursday. I am hopeful for a good day of practice on Wednesday, but heavy rains threaten once again. I'll be ready to go either way on Thursday!

Keep it here for daily tournament reports from my first event of the year! Thank you very much for your support.

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