Friday, August 17, 2012

Time to Get Back in the Groove

My game is in good shape. I definitely experienced a bit of a doldrums type of feeling throughout the second half of July, and my failure to qualify the last three weeks on the Tour has extended that feeling. In reality, though, my game has really felt good the past couple weeks. I am excited to keep improving, and I can't wait to get back to competition.

I briefly mentioned the "Rule of 1/3's" in a former post, and I think that theory deserves a bit more explanation in light of my recent results. The Rule of 1/3's states that an athlete's performances will be poor one third of the time, average one third of the time, and good one third of the time. Obviously varying degrees exist within these three categories, but all performances fit into one of the three. The implication of this theory is that no amount of practice and preparation will eliminate poor or average performances. With that said, the mission of practice is not to eliminate poor performances, but rather to improve the standard of average. If what was once good can become average, then the level of both good and poor performances improves to a new level. That is why I practice. I know that I will not play well all of the time, but if I can continue to improve what is my "average," I will be on my way to achieving all of my goals.

In light of the Rule of 1/3's, let's briefly look at what has been a disappointing last six weeks. I shot 70, 65, 70, 70 to finish T27th in the Egolf Tour's Southern Open. The next week, I shot 72, 69, 73, 71 to finish T32nd in the Egolf Tour's River Landing Open. Then I shot 70, 72, 71 to finish T7th in the Missouri State Open. The past three Mondays I have posted scores of 69, 68, and 71 to miss three Tour Monday Qualifiers. My performances have definitely been somewhere from the high side of poor to the low side of average during that stretch, but those results are really not that bad. I have definitely improved my standard of "average" and am continuing to improve. I know that I am going to start playing well again soon, and the results are going to be special.

I am now back home in Dandridge, TN. I had great days of work in Missouri on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then a safe travel day home on Thursday. I resumed my good work with a solid afternoon of practice on Friday at Dandridge Golf Course. I am well on my way to finishing all of my process goals this week, and everything is feeling good.

I am going to have an efficient weekend during which I balance some good work with some relaxation time. I will finish all of my process goals and will be getting myself ready to get back to action next week. The Tour is in Knoxville next week, and though the number of Monday Qualifying spots has been slashed from the usual seven to just two, I will enter the Monday Qualifier with confidence. I am ready to play tournament golf and I'm ready for the Tour.

Stay tuned for a weekend report and an update before the qualifier on Sunday evening. Great things are coming; keep it here to enjoy them with me! Thank you for for following me!

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