Sunday, August 19, 2012

The End of Great Week of Practice; Time for a Great Week of Action

I was very thorough this past week. I completed all of my process goals and feel like my game really improved. My short game and wedge play are definitely a work in progress, but I can tell that I am heading in a very good direction. My putting drills made me work hard last week, but I completed all of them and feel very good about my stroke. In addition to my practice, I have had great workouts and runs the past couple weeks, and despite a long day in the car on Thursday, I feel as good as ever. I designed my process goals so that I can get the most out of my work weeks, and the last two weeks have been a great example of just that. Though I don't believe that my game has been that far off the past six weeks, I can definitely tell that I am improving, and that is an exciting feeling.

I can't guarantee good results, of course, but I feel like my preparation has me a in a good position to play very well in the near future. Tomorrow (Monday) is the Monday Qualifier for the Knoxville, TN, Tour event. I qualified for this event in 2010 and played quite well in front of a great home town crowd. I know that my game is ready to do that again and even improve upon it, but the qualifier will be a great challenge this year. The start of the PGA Tour playoffs has slashed the number of Monday Qualifier spots for this week's Tour event from the usual seven to just two. I am playing at Willow Creek Golf Club, and I know that it will take a very good performance to qualify. I am ready to deliver, though, so I am excited to play tomorrow! Regardless of what happens in the qualifier, I have a lot of tournaments on my calendar in the coming weeks, and I can't wait to tee it up in something longer than a monday qualifier!

My game is good, and I am really enjoying myself. I can't wait to go compete. Come back for an update Monday evening, and keep it here to enjoy some exciting tournament action with me! Thank you for following me. I really do appreciate your support.

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