Sunday, August 12, 2012

Short Summary of a Big Week; Time to Monday Qualify

When I wrote my manifesto "Belief in My Method" (last Sunday's post), I ended it with a promise to myself and anyone who cares that I will finish all of my process goals each week from now until the end of this competitive season. I left no doubts about doing that this past week. I had some of my most focused and highest quality practice sessions of the year, and was actually done with all of my non-tournament week practice goals by early afternoon on Friday. In addition to thorough practice sessions, I also had a great week of workouts and had plenty of time for a couple of very competitive "friendly" matches on Thursday and Friday. My hard work paid dividends in the matches as I played very well in a winning effort on Thursday and then prevailed in a head-to-head showdown with current a Mizzou All-American on Friday. In both matches, I felt really good on the course. It was one of my most productive weeks of the year, and, yes, I did finish all of my process goals!

My game is starting to feel very good again. I am currently in Kansas City, Kansas, and will tee it up Monday morning in Lawrence, Kansas, in the Monday Qualifier for this week's Tour event. I know that anything can happen in a one-day, 18-hole qualifier and that I have to be very process oriented and not think about the outcome, but with all that said, I feel like I am ready to have a good result. I am playing Alvamar Country Club for the qualifier. It is an incredibly tricky and tight layout, but it is the kind of course that rewards good strategy and precise execution. It also will reward patience and consistency. It is right up my alley! I tee off at 8:11, and I am ready to play well. Come back for a good report in the evening.

Thank you for keeping up with me! I appreciate your support.

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