Monday, August 16, 2010

My Golf Game is Like the Weather... Hot!

Okay, that subject line is admittedly a little corny, but it speaks two truths about the last week since my near miss in the Monday Qualifier at last week's Nationwide Event. My game has continued to feel effortlessly good, and the weather has been almost unbearably hot. For the first time since turning professional last September, my job actually felt like work this past week. I had to force myself to practice in temperatures that reached the triple digits with air that had a humid stillness which made it absolutely stifling. My practice sessions were frustrating and shorter than usual, but I made it a point to walk at least nine holes every day, and I really feel like I got both better and tougher mentally.

I also had the opportunity to play in a couple of charity "pro-ams" associated with the Nationwide Tour event last week even though I didn't quite get into the tournament. The idea behind a Pro-Am is that amateur golfers from the local community will put together a four-man team and pay an entry fee to get to play with a professional golfer for 18 holes. I enjoy the opportunity to do this because it gives me the chance to get to know some new people and help them with their golf games (if they want me to) while also showing off a little! I definitely like to have fun when I play golf, and I like being able to share some light-heartedness on the course with others.

Some really good news from Missouri is that temperatures are returning to the low 90's or even 80's for this week. I'm going to hang out in Columbia for a few days and take advantage of the good weather and the great practice facilities that are available to me here. A week from today I will tee it up in another Monday qualifier for a Nationwide Tour event, and this time it will be near my hometown in East Tennessee. I'm going to treat it like any other qualifier, but I will admit that it would be particularly sweet to make my Nationwide Tour debut so close to home.

I'll keep you posted as my practice intensifies over the course of this week. Good things are coming, and I'm excited!

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