Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Pittsburgh Gettin Ready

Coming off the exciting finish in my first Nationwide Tour event in Knoxville, I have had an exciting and busy couple of days. Monday morning I had a very good short practice session back home before loading up and starting the journey north to Pittsburgh for this week's Nationwide event. My friend Buddy McMahan made the trip with me and is going to be on the bag this week. It is really cool to have a friend on the road with me!

Today I had a really productive day at the tournament site--a course called Southpointe Golf Club just outside of Pittsburgh. I played a practice round in the morning, spent a lot of time on the practice facilities this afternoon, and then walked the front nine again this evening with just my wedge and putter to get in some extra study time on and around the greens. I feel very comfortable on the course, and I'm excited about the potential to have a great week. The course is a little crazy with massive elevation changes and a lot of blind shots, but it requires a good variety of shots and also demands some precision in a lot spots. I feel like the course will not be popular with a lot of the players because a few holes are a little quirky, but I really like it and expect to play very well here.

Tomorrow I will not be able to practice on the tournament course. Luckily my friend Mike Van Sickle lives very near where I am and is going to have me out to his home course to play. It should be a fun and relaxing (though definitely competitive) day of practice, and I think it will be just the right tune up for the tournament.

The tournament starts Thursday. Keep it here for all the updates!

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