Friday, October 18, 2013

Hard Week; Ready to Get Back to Work

I find myself in a bit of an odd situation. I have worked so hard and followed my plan so wonderfully on the path to earning my PGA Tour Card. Now I have it, and I am as frustrated as ever. I will admit that I found a very unusually low place for me this week in Las Vegas. It is hard to feel like I have accomplished one of my overarching, long-term goals of making it to the PGA Tour, yet I have to sit and watch the PGA Tour events from the outside. I definitely struggled to find positives as I practiced onsite at the TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas on Tuesday with the knowledge that I had very little chance of getting in the field by tournament time on Thursday. I just felt bummed out, which, I'm happy to say, is a rare emotion for me.

Perspective time: I'm incredibly healthy; I'm surrounded by an incredible team of people who love and support me unconditionally; I have a wonderful extended family of friends and fans who believe in me; and I do have a PGA Tour Card. Life is good, and I'm in a great position.

I traveled home on Wednesday evening, and I decided that I was going to give myself the week off from my usual practice grind. I am going to spend some time getting my new house slightly more organized (though my fiancĂ©, Alicia, has already done a really nice job, I have not really moved in any of my stuff yet), soaking up time with parents, and getting ready for my WEDDING. :)

That's not to say that I won't be practicing at all. I am incredibly excited right now. I got a little bit of advice on the driving range on Tuesday regarding a flaw that I think might be causing some of the inconsistency I've been experiencing lately. It seems that I've been a little over-active with my lower body in my backswing, and I'm losing a little bit of the stability that I need in my lower half. The last several days I have been swinging with a golf ball under the outside of my right shoe to ensure that my weight is loading up on the inside of back foot. Since that change feels a bit awkward, I decided to go ahead and try to knock out two other slight changes that Bobbo has been suggesting for a little while: narrowing my stance and moving my ball position forward. All of these changes are fairly minor and none require any real mechanical thoughts, but they feel dramatically different, and I am confident that they are changes for the good. I plan to have a light weekend of practice that focuses largely on ball-striking before getting back into my Map Goal-oriented, complete-game practice next week.

I absolutely love what I do. This week when it got me down, that was truly a rare experience. I'm already very excited again and can't wait to go get better! It's looking like my next competition round will be another Monday Qualifier--November 4 for the McGladery Classic at Sea Island Golf Club. I'd obviously rather just be in the field, but I know how to Monday Qualify! Between now and then I have plenty of time to find that lovin feeling AND to get married!

I have so much about which to be excited, and I am! Thank you for following me and for caring. Keep it here for practice reports and all the fun news.


  1. Peter - The State of Ohio has your back my man! We follow the progress of our favorite PGA player online every week. Madeline says "Good Luck" at the McGladrey Classic.

  2. Happy Wedding Day- by now you are a married man and off on your life's adventures with your wife- that is a great day no matter how you are playing golf. See you down the road.


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