Monday, October 7, 2013

On My Way

am officially in the field at this week's PGA Tour event--the Fry' Open in San Martin, California. What a crazy ride the last few months have been! From a mini-tour player in mid-June to a PGA Tour rookie in October, I have obviously had the breakthrough that I had been promising for some time. I couldn't be more excited about the new opportunities in my professional golf career.

I have felt for quite some time that my goal-driven, highly motivated work ethic had me on a path to success, but in the meritocracy that is professional golf, nothing is guaranteed. That makes my ascension to the PGA Tour particularly gratifying, but, making it to THE Tour is an outcome. What I am most proud of is the belief that I had in my plan and my dedication to it. Earlier this year I changed the name of my "Process Goals" and began calling them my "Map Goals." The implication of this change is that my process goals are a set of step-by-step directions that if followed properly, will greatly increase my chances of reaching the "destination" I desire. My Map Goals give direction to all aspects of my preparation, with the largest chunk being dedicated to creating focused, tournament-like conditions for my practice sessions. Another benefit of my Map Goals is they give me tangible reasons to stay positive when I face challenges. As an example of this, I just completed 100% of my Map Goals for the sixth consecutive week. I also have missed my last two cuts, but because of the progress I have continued to show in my practice, I still whole-heartedly believe that I am moving in the right direction. So, while the success I have achieved and my positive attitude are great, they are both the result of a very powerful and intentional process with which I approach my work (and my life!). 

So why this elaborate explanation now? Because as I journey into exciting new and potentially intimidating waters, I don't have to change my process at all. Of course my goal-setting needs to adapt (and I will produce a new list of goals after the PGA Tour Fall Series), but the system that got me this far will continue to propel me if I keep believing in it and stay committed. 

Remember what I said earlier about professional golf being a meritocracy? That is just as true at the top level as it was along the way. I have achieved my Goal of reaching the PGA Tour, but I will have to continue my steady improvement in order to stay here and have success. The good news? I've done nothing but steadily improve since my junior year in college, and I believe in my system. 

I'm ready for this! I have no idea what to expect, but I do know the things that are under my control, and I plan to take care of them. My routine and my commitment to my goals won't change. But don't worry; I will remember to soak up some of the luxuries of the PGA Tour, too. And when I find out what they are, I'll tell you all about them! 

Thank you for your support and encouragement all along. Keep it here for all the exciting news as we open a new chapter.


  1. Peter,

    Great job qualifying for the tour. I've enjoyed following your blog and twitter as the past few months have played out.

    I noticed on Twitter a mention that you believe in a "plant based, whole food diet". Could you expand a bit on what that looks like for you? Vegetarian? What is a typical day's food intake?

    Thanks for a response and good luck with the first tourney this week!

  2. Peter, very cool to see that you have a blog and that you continue to update. I think this allows people to get closer to you as a player and you will definitely create some fans for yourself. Do you play/practice at Holston often? I saw the logo on your bag and had to ask.

    All the best this week,



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