Sunday, October 13, 2013

One Start Down; Moving Forward

My PGA Tour career did not begin on the highest of notes as I posted rounds of 73, 73 = 146 (+4) and missed the cut. Those numbers reveal the very disappointing end result of the week, but they do not tell the whole story. I arrived in California on Monday and struggled early. I hit the ball poorly in practice rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday and just felt a little out of sync. Then in Thursday's opening round, I really didn't hit a good full-swing shot until my seventh hole of the day. Midway through my first PGA Tour round, however, I settled in nicely and really started to hit the ball well. I found that elusive "lovin' feeling", and though I didn't put it all together to post a good score in round one, I felt much better at the end of my round. I then played beautifully on Friday afternoon in the second round. Through the first ten holes, I never mishit a single shot. I was four under par through ten holes despite not having a stellar putting performance. It was great to hit the ball so well, and I really confirmed to myself that I can be a PGA Tour contender. Unfortunately, things got away from me a little bit on the back nine. I terribly misjudged the wind and my wedge shot into the par-5 12th hole found a spot from which I had very few options. I compounded my error with an overly aggressive chip shot and ended up with a double-bogey. I felt like I recovered well mentally from the blunder, but I could not get the positive vibes flowing again as the round continued. I began to press a few holes later and things got ugly. After opening with a 31 on the front nine on Friday, I shot 42 on the back. That is certainly not good, and I was very disappointed, but looking back on it, the experience of playing as well as I did will definitely serve me well moving forward. I feel like my game is back in great shape, and I know that I can do it!

Unfortunately I do not yet have a spot in the field for this week's event in Las Vegas. I am entered in the Monday Qualifier, and, though it's disappointing to have to play in another Monday Qualifier, I know that I can be successful. That is how my run to the PGA Tour started, in fact! I had a practice round at the qualifying course on Sunday, and I am ready for it.

My first week on the PGA Tour was frustrating at times and downright bitterly disappointing for a while on Friday evening, but I certainly found more than enough positives to move forward feeling good. In addition to overcoming some early-week ball-striking woes to find some very positive things on the course, I also got through some very frustrating mid-week practice doldrums to have a productive week of work. I must admit that despite a gigantic effort, I never completed my second six-foot putting drill for last week. It was my only shortcoming, and my first of any kind in the last seven weeks, and I put in some great hours of practice pursuing it, so I feel okay even though I am disappointed not to have put that final check mark on Map Goals for last week. All is good, though, and I will be more motivated to get back after them this week.

I really do feel good. I overcame some significant challenges to find quite a bit of light during my first week on the PGA Tour. I'm excited to get back to my roots and earn my second start the hard way this week. Regardless what happens on Monday, I'm feeling great and still believe that big things are in store.

Thank you for following me and for your support. Keep it here for a report from the Monday Qualifier and hopefully a tournament preview from the PGA Tour event in Las Vegas.

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  1. Good luck, broham. Pulling for you. Love that you're a Royals fan, as I live and teach 7th Grade here in Columbia, MO. I'm a diehard Cardinals fan but root hard for our AL brethren, the Royals. Glad to see them have a decent year and hopefully, both the Royals and YOU will have a great 2014. All the best, Jake Hanselman...(Mr. H)


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