Saturday, October 5, 2013

Great (Busy) Week

So much has happened since I last reported. I am going to give it to you in expounded bullet point format.

1.) I was officially welcomed to the PGA Tour with a celebration at the TPC Sawgrass last Sunday. Alicia, my mom, dad, and sister were all there, and I also had two great friends from Dandridge (Buddy and Kuk-ster) as well as my original host family from Callaway Gardens there to celebrate the occasion with me. It was cool.

2.) I went through PGA Tour "Rookie Orientation" on Monday in Ponte Vedra Beach. It wasn't the most fun day ever, but how cool is it to say that I am a PGA Tour player!

3.) I started a solid week of practice with a short session Monday evening and a solid session Tuesday morning at the TPC Sawgrass. It is a nice perk to be able to practice there and at all of the TPC properties around the country.

4.) I traveled home on Tuesday afternoon/evening.

5.) I have been working my butt off on my golf game. I still love to practice, and it really doesn't feel like work to me, but I have been putting in some very focused time working on my game. I have already completed all of my practice goals this week, and I can tell that my game is continuing to improve. Despite bum results at the last two events of my Tour career, my game is still very good and trending upward.

6.) I have been helping Alicia get settled into our new house. It looks amazing! I won't be able to actually get settled in and get things how we want them until after Thanksgiving, but we are off to a great start!

7.) I am getting married! Though I leave most all of the planning to Alicia and her mother and father, I have been doing some tasks, and things are coming together beautifully for our November 1 date. That's less than one month!

8.) I'm going to soak up one more day at home and get a little more work done on Sunday, and then I'll take off for California and the Open on Monday. I am currently the first alternate into the field, but based on what most people are telling me, I will get in and make my PGA Tour debut next week. I will be ready to go!

Okay, that's all. Life is great. Thank you for being a part of mine. Keep it here for more updates. I'll be more frequent with them as my PGA Tour career begins.

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