Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thoughts from the Tour Championship

I missed the cut at the Tour Championship. That's bad news. It's not fun. This could very well have been the last Tour event that I will ever play. That's good news. It's very exciting. I will make my debut on the PGA Tour in less than two weeks at the Fry' Open in California.

I have a lot to say about the future and my thoughts for the next couple months, but I will save that for another post in the coming days. For now, I'll give a brief story of the this week's tournament from the TPC Sawgrass's Valley Course. I actually played quite well, I thought. I hit the ball fairly solidly and felt very good about my short game. Though I still feel comfortable and confident with my putter, I did have a few uncharacteristic misses from inside of five feet. I battled brutally tough conditions fairly well Friday afternoon during my second round, and I came to my closing two holes at even par for the tournament. I was finishing on the front nine on Friday, which means that I faced a 500-yard par 4 and a watery 430-yard par 4 both playing into a fairly strong wind. I hit two great shots on the long par-4 eighth, but my 3-wood approach actually flew long of the green and left me with a tough up-and-down to a back hole location. I hit a great flop shot and hit my six-foot par putt very well, but the putt broke more than I had seen and missed just low of the hole. Knowing I needed a birdie on the last hole to make the cut, I drove the ball in the fairway and hit one of the best shots I can ever remember hitting into the green. With the hole cut on the right side of the green against a lake, I faded my hybrid from 190 yards into a stiff wind and had it curving towards the hole location. A subtle wind shift held my ball out left of the hole, and I wound up with a thirty foot putt down a ridge for my birdie. The putt was a quick double-breaker and I hit it excellently. After curling left down the ridge, my ball was taking the break back to the right and looked as though it was going to die into the left center of the hole. I was so excited, but at the very last minute, my ball wobbled back to the left and sat just on the back left edge of the hole. It was unbelievably disappointing, but in truth, I executed beautifully over some very tense shots coming down the stretch. I hate to miss a cut, and I certainly know that means that I didn't play as well as I can, but I am still very happy with the state of my game. All is good.

On Sunday I will get my PGA Tour Card. The real one. Wow! It's a dream that I have worked for, and I caught it. Thank you so much to all the people who have helped, supported, and encouraged me. I am a lucky guy.

Now it's time to keep doing the exact same things that helped me get this far. I will be disciplined and committed to my goals. I can't wait to wake up and go back to work.

Thank you for following me. Please come back for more information soon.


  1. Peter,
    Congrats on getting your card. I remember you from Raleigh NC, and you always had a smile on! I was the range dude. You came on the range needing a caddie, grabbed a guy off the range and went out and played some solid golf. Keep up the great golf and great attitude.
    Take care,

  2. On Friday, I was at the Palace Station in Las Vegas and they had the Golf Channel up on the screen. They were following other players earlier, but as groups finished they turned their cameras to you, Barnes and O'Hair. They devoted their full attention to the last hole and your putt sure looked like it was in. Good luck at the Fry's and beyond. I'll be watching for you in Vegas.

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