Monday, August 19, 2013


Remember that breakthrough I've been promising the last two years? It just happened!   

I won on the Tour this past week. That vaults me into the 16th position on the money list and assures that I will have a PGA Tour Card for the 2014 season. Yes! 

If you haven't seen or heard anything from last week's event, Google my name and check out some of the headlines and videos that have been posted. 

There is so much to say, and I want to share this experience with all of you, but I need to come down from the clouds, get some sleep, and get ready to continue doing the things that have helped me get this far. I still have much much more to accomplish, but this past week was a pretty good start!

Please come back in the next day or two for a very thorough report of the events of last week and also a plan and some new goals moving forward. Thank you very much for believing in me and supporting my career.


  1. Congrats on the win Peter!! I had the chance to score for you twice at the Rex Open. Your attitude was refreshing and your success was only a matter time. I have enjoyed your website and your goals are a good illustration of your commitment to your game. Good luck for the rest of the season and expect to watch you for many years on the PGA Tour. Eric

  2. Fantastic win!! Your good play was evident at the Mylan Classic and has obviously become even better the last two weeks. I can only imagine how you must feel. Since we probably won't see you at next years Mylan I look forward to following your progress on "the show". Hearty congrats Peter.

  3. Peter,
    My name is Brian. I followed Walt Chapman half day Thursday and all day Friday and although I am a friend of Walt's, I quickly became a fan of yours. My favorite memory, besides your win, was Hasse (Walt's caddie)tumbling over his bag around the green.
    I'm not sure why you were shooting for the pin on 12 on Saturday (double bogie)and started Sunday with back to back bogies but it was certainly enjoyable to root for you and watch you birdie half the remaining holes. Good start in Omaha, looking forward to watching you on Sundays. By the way you were not only front page on the News Sentinel but also the farragutpress. Good luck. Your newest fan. Brian

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