Thursday, October 20, 2011

Keeping It Interesting

Two absolutely horrible swings cost me three shots during a very blustery third round, and my score of two-over-par 73 dropped me down the leaderboard a little bit. I feel like I played quite solidly with the exception of my two huge mistakes in round three, however. I was decent in all facets of the game and very good from close range with the putter. I feel like I found some rhythm on the driving range after the round today and have a lot of confidence in my short game right now, so I feel like I'm ready to play a great final round tomorrow. I will have to play well in order to advance, but I am ready to do just that. I feel good about things, and if I can stay calm and trust myself tomorrow, I'll be in good shape! Come back to hear the good news tomorrow!

On a side note: I got a healthy dose of perspective today. My Mom's mom passed away late in the night yesterday. My Grandmother has been suffering from an inoperable brain tumor for some time and has really declined a lot over the past couple of years. Her death is a blessing for her, my Grandfather, my Mom, and all of us who loved her, but everyone will miss her greatly. Tomorrow on the golf course, I hope that I can remember that what I do for a living is just a game. Golf is my career and Q-school is important, but at the end of the day, I am privileged to have the opportunity to play a game everyday. I hope I can remember that and have a smile on my face all day tomorrow. Thank you, Grandma, for everything that you have meant to all of us in your life.

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