Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to School

It is time to get Q-school started! "Q-school" is the shortened name for the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament each fall, and it is the avenue through which players can earn status on the PGA and Nationwide Tours for the following year. I have been working hard and playing well all year with thoughts of performing well here late in the year and advancing to a higher level in the world of professional golf. I have steadily improved all year, and I truly do believe that I am ready to compete at the Nationwide or even PGA Tour level. This week is the First Stage of Q-school, and I am competing at a course called Irish Creek, which is just north of Charlotte, North Carolina. First stage is a 72-hole competition and approximately the top 25% of the field will advance to the Second Stage. This is definitely a high-pressure environment, but it is also extremely exciting and fun to compete in this event.

My game is good, and I feel very prepared heading into Tuesday's first round. I have had two great days of practice on site at Irish Creek, and had an extremely thorough week of practice at home last week. I'm confident that my skills are honed, and I know that I am prepared mentally to handle the stresses that can accompany Q-school. My plan for the week is to treat it much like any other tournament I have played and go out and win the thing! I feel comfortable on this golf course and know that if I play intelligently and have fun out there that I can win this week. I get started at 8:50 on Tuesday morning, and I am feeling good! Come back for an early report after round 1 in the evening.

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