Thursday, October 13, 2011

Great Preparation

I have been having a fantastic week. For the first time in a couple months, I took an entire day off from golf on Monday and had a nice time with my sweetheart, Alicia, in Athens, Georgia, where she will be working next spring. My alarm went off at 3:30 on Tuesday morning, however, and, since dropping Alicia at the Chattanooga airport for an early flight, I have been back to business. The last three days have been filled with morning workouts and full days of practice. I have been able to have some competitive little matches with a couple different friends each of the last three days and have also gotten to spend some quality time practicing. My ball-striking is feeling very good again, and I have had great practice with my putter. I need to re-sharpen my wedge play, but I feel like I am just one good practice session away from feeling great about that area of my game as well. I have two more days here at home before I will hit the road for the Charlotte, North Carolina, area on Sunday where I will compete in the First Stage of PGA Tour Qualifying School at the Club at Irish Creek. I need to complete a few more putting drills and get in some quality work on my wedge play, but I feel like I have already had a great week of practice and know that I am in great shape heading into next week. I feel awesome, and I know that the coming days will only help to cement that feeling as I begin Q-school next week. Keep it here for another progress report in the coming days. Thank you for following!

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