Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Workin' Hard, But Loving It!

The last two days have been great. I'd be lying if I said that my practice has looked good or that it has been a lot of fun all the time, but the frustration of some bad shots is offset by the happiness of just practicing again. In truth, I have really struggled the last couple of days in a lot of areas. I'm probably thinking a little bit too much about my swing on the driving range and hitting a lot of inconsistent and lousy shots, and I haven't quite found that loving feel with the putter either. I do feel like I've had a lot of very good practice with my wedges around the chipping green, though, which is encouraging. All-in-all, I would say that my golf shots the last two days have been surprisingly poor, but I can tell that I am laying the groundwork for good days ahead.

As a good friend of mine once told me, "you have good days and great days." I guess if I was only judging by the shots I am hitting, my last couple days would just be "good" days, but I love what I do even on the days that are hard. I'll keep at it and have better news to report soon. Keep it here for another practice update and a long-promised look at my schedule and goals for 2011. Thank you for following!

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