Thursday, January 27, 2011

Schedule is Up!

I figured out how to get a decent looking schedule posted here on my blog. Click the link titled "2011 Competition Schedule" on the left side of the screen just beneath the top picture to see what I've got planned for the year. This is not necessarily an all-inclusive schedule, but it gives a very good general idea of my plans for the year. I will always have current reports as to my whereabouts on here, but the posted schedule should give you a pretty good idea of my plans for the whole year (at least through September).

For now I'm still down at Callaway Gardens trying to find that lovin' feeling with my golf game. I'm close already, but I definitely still have some work to do. My putting and chipping are continuing to improve and feel great. I have moments when I really like what I see from my ball-striking and then spans where I feel like I'm still quite a ways off in that department. I'm hitting enough good shots to feel very good about things though, and I truly believe that my prediction to be playing the best golf of my life by February is still attainable.

I'm going to keep having good practice sessions in the coming days. I feel that if I can increase my ball-striking consistency, I will really be firing on all cylinders. Of course I constantly need to be refining all the areas of my game, but I really do feel like I'm at a very good starting point for the year.

I hope to have a couple more matches with my friend, Taylor Hall in the next couple days. It is fun to put my work to the test in a competitive situation, even if it is just small match with a friend. When I play by myself, I'm able to have some of my absolute best practice time, but there is nothing like a little competition to practice the art of scoring.

One of my to-do list items is to write down some of the process goals that will help me achieve my major goal this year of earning a spot in the Nationwide Tour Championship. I have some great ideas in mind, but I'm going to put them on paper, and I'll share a lot of them with you in my next update.

Great things are on the horizon. Keep it right here!

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