Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Better Quickly (I was even PERFECT for a second)

I have had very good practice the last two days. Though I am definitely not comfortable yet over all of my full shots, I feel like my ball-striking has really improved greatly--both on the driving range and on the course. I have also spent a good chunk of time on the practice green lately, and I feel that I am starting to roll the ball well. When I am able to play golf by myself, chipping is one area of my game that receives a lot of extra attention. I will often spend 10-15 minutes hitting a variety of chip and pitch shots around each green while I am out playing. I am really starting to feel confident over all kinds of shots near the green. I am committed to using a lot of different clubs to hit chips, and I grow more comfortable each day using lower lofts to add very efficient "bump-and-run" type shots to my arsenal. My game definitely still has some rust, particularly in terms of ball-striking, but I feel like I'm very close to being in good form already.

It is true that my ball-striking is a little inconsistent right now, but for a brief moment on Thursday evening, I was perfect. I was playing by myself as I often do and was playing two balls, but with my first swing on the 172-yard par-3 17th hole on the Mountain View Course at Callaway Gardens, I hit a six iron that felt perfect off of the club, flew perfectly, and went right into the hole. It was kind of surreal because I could plainly see the ball go in, but I also could tell that I was the only person on the golf course. I don't mind, though, because I will remember the feeling of that shot, and I know that I can repeat it!

I spent a good bit of time this morning mulling over tournament schedules and filling in my calendar with many events that I would like to play. I will put all that information together and post my tentative tournament schedule on here in the coming days. One thing I know for sure right now is that my first event of the year will be an Egolf Tour event on Hilton Head Island February 16-19. I said many times over the holidays that I would be playing the best golf of my life when February rolls around, and I really feel like I'm going to make good on that prediction. Keep it here for more information and more good practice reports from Callaway Gardens!

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