Sunday, January 30, 2011

Practice Keeps Getting Better--Working toward My Goals

I think I have really turned a corner in the last three days. I'm not 100% comfortable with where my ball-striking is yet, but I have seen huge strides in that direction in my last few practice sessions. This weekend saw a great combination of time on the course and time on the practice facilities, and I have to say that I am close to firing on all cylinders. I haven't quite been able to keep that lovin' feeling around for an entire round of golf yet, but it definitely shows up in spurts, and that has me very excited!

On Friday I went to the range with one very simple thought: good balance. I wanted to have good balance at the top of my backswing, at impact, and into my follow-through. The added rhythm I felt with that thought in mind has me hitting it much better and much more consistently than I have been the past two weeks. I'm excited to keep working on my balance and to see if the positive trend continues.

In addition to that, my chipping and putting seem to get better each day. Some quality time around the short game facilities everyday is resulting in a great comfort level over most shots on and around the greens. I need to keep fine tuning my touch, but I'm very excited about the status of my short game.

I have done a lot of thinking about the things I want to accomplish this year. Check out the link above my posts entitled "My Goals for 2011" to see what I plan to achieve and the things that I plan to do to realize my goals. All of the process goals are things that I can track, and I plan to hold myself accountable. I will be documenting my progress towards all the goals starting January 31. For my purposes, a week will be Monday-Sunday. I'll keep you updated along the way.

This is such an exciting time. I have lofty expectations for this year, but I really believe that I can accomplish every goal on my list. Keep it here for progress reports along my way!

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