Monday, January 10, 2011

Am I in Minnesota?

It is cold. And it is snowy. I'd love to be spending hours out at my office (golf course) working on the physical skills associated with my profession, but I'm absolutely having a blast in the wintry conditions. My parents and I have spent the last couple days outside playing frisbee golf in the snow and working on our sick (not as in "unhealthy", but the way they use it in California) snowboarding skills! Okay, so none of us really has skills, but we have a lot of fun hills in our neighborhood that we can slide down with very little risk of injury, so we've been enjoying it. I'm keeping to a very solid workout schedule and practicing my putting stroke a little bit in the living room, but for the most part I'm just enjoying the winter weather and making sure that I'm mentally ready to get everything I can out of my practice when the weather improves. I'm happy, healthy, and motivated. I have lofty goals for this year, and I expect to achieve them. Please check back here in the coming days for a tentative schedule for the year and some detail about those goals. None of my goals involve snow, but this weather is definitely not standing in my way!

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