Friday, May 23, 2014

Wake-up Call (A Good One!)

My round-one results in Raleigh were unfortunately pretty darn similar to what I've been experiencing lately. I made three bogies and a lone birdie for a two-over-par score of 73. 

I experienced a wake-up call on the course, however. My caddie this week is my mom, and she's been on the bag for some great performances over the years, but she hasn't caddied for me since last July. She made it very clear to me that in my whole life she has never seen me so negative, down, and frustrated as I was yesterday. That's a pretty strong claim from someone who knows me well and has watched me play a lot of golf. That hit me like a ton a bricks because two of my greatest attributes on the course have always been a great attitude and positive self-talk. I knew instantly that something had to change, but I couldn't quite snap out of my funk right away. Then, in a conversation with my wife last night, Alicia suggested that I am letting my quest to keep my PGA TOUR card this year put more pressure on me than I have had in the past. I want to deny that because I know that "stress" and "pressure" are things that I create in my own head, and I would like to think that I am smart enough not do that to myself. Denial is a dangerous thing, though, and I know that she is right. I am putting a great deal pressure on myself to keep my PGA TOUR card this year. And that is hurting me. 

I play golf, first and foremost, because I absolutely love it! Starting today with the second round of the Tour event in Raleigh, I am going to remember that. A great attitude, positive self-talk, and a sheer joy in playing golf have always been things that set me apart from my competition. Today, my strategy on the course will be getting back to exemplifying these qualities.

It's time to go play a game that I love! Thank you for following and caring about me. Come back for a report late this evening.


  1. Peter Malnati golf at its' finest. That is what we all enjoy. Play as you are and everything will be great.

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