Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time to Have Some Fun in Raleigh

I usually write stuff on my gloves when I get out two new ones before every tournament. It is usually something meaningless just to put some color on the gloves, but this week in Raleigh, one of my gloves says "play hard, have fun" and the other one says "make some birdies!". I'm ready to do what these phrases command. 

My short game and putting have both felt a little bit off in my practice this week, but I am playing with a sense of freedom that I haven't felt in a a while. I'm ready to play Peter Malnati golf this week. I know that my short game and putting are both strong and am confident that they will be fine in the tournament. 

I am really excited to get started this week, and because I am the first one off at 7 AM on Thursday morning, I don't have to wait long! Keep it here for updates throughout the tournament. Thank you for following me.

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  1. Same results. Next round, try something either on a tee shot or fairway shot. Make your stance much more narrow. Your feet almost touching and make a shot. If you swing too hard, you will lose your balance. Just make a smooth and easy swing. If youlike the results, do it some more.

    Should help keep you relaxed physically. Clear your mind completely. Have just this one thought from the tee box on a par 4 or 5. Hit it in the fairway. Hit it in the fairway. Don't be thinking ahead or about past shots. Just the shot you are about to execute. Relax while walking. Smile. Repeat for the next shot. Just replace fairway with green when appropriate.

    Relax, smile,, have fun.


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