Sunday, May 11, 2014

Celebrating and Getting Better

This past week hasn't looked like a typical work week for me, but it has me feeling great as I travel this morning to next week's PGA Tour event in Dallas, Texas. I began the week with a 22-hour stay in Columbia, MO, where I was able to watch my wife become Dr. Alicia Malnati as she successfully defended her dissertation. On Friday night, with a lot of help from her co-workers, I threw together a surprise-party at our house. It was awesome! Then on Saturday, Alicia and I were able to host my mom and dad and my sister Gina's family for an impromptu Mother's Day celebration. It really wasn't much of a celebration, but it was great to spend some time with my mom. It's cliche to say, but my mother has truly been one of my most unconditional supporters. I'm very thankful to her and I love her a lot. Happy Mother's Day to good moms everywhere! It was fun for me to spend time celebrating people who mean so much to me.

I have had a productive week of work as well. I've not been as committed to my Map Goals as I wanted to be, but I have knocked out a lot of my drills while maximizing some time working on my ball striking. I have been staying on top of my fitness routine as well and am feeling great physically. I have seen some improvement in my game this week, and I am ready to keep getting better. I really believe I'll be playing the best golf of my life soon. 

I traveled early this (Sunday) morning to Dallas and plan to get in a full day of work here as I prepare for the Byron Nelson Championship next week. I'm feeling refreshed, excited, and confident. Keep it here for more frequent updates and some good reports from Dallas! Thank you for following me and for your support!

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  1. I do not know you and you do not know me. However, I have been following your play via the PGA golf website and the EGolf web site and your golf in the Carolinas. I have a 17 year olf grandson who is a golfer. He will be a high school senior next year.He is on his high school golf team. I am sponsoring him with entry into 10 junior PGA events.

    Peter, I watch your scores and almost without fail, you do the same thing every tournament. I can almost tell what you are thinking by the scores you shoot. I would love to see you go out the first day of your next tournament and just have fun and quit thinking so much. Quit thinking about the mechanics of your swing and have a great first 2 days and see what happens.

    Try changing your thoughts completely. Fairways and greens/

    I think I will remain anonamous for now.

    Good luck.


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