Sunday, February 2, 2014

Great Week; Ready for Pebble Beach

A lot of great stuff happened this past week. I did not have the grind-it-out type of week on the practice facilities that I have come to expect from myself, but I played golf on six different courses and had accomplished exactly what I needed. I have definitely been putting a little too much pressure on myself on the golf course, so this week, with my caddie's help, I focused on having a lot of fun while playing golf. We still got quite a bit of work done, too. 

Here are the headlines from the week: 

We played a fun match at Grayhawk Golf Club in Phoenix on Tuesday. On Tuesday evening, we road-tripped up to Las Vegas where we spent the next two days and played both TPC courses there. From Vegas, we traveled over to Southern California on Thursday evening, and I spent all day Friday out at the Titleist Performance Institute facilities. My time there was great. I have a few new elements to add into my workouts and I confirmed that my equipment is pretty darn good for me. From Southern California, we cruised up to the Monterey Peninsula on Saturday morning, and I played a practice round on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula Country Club that afternoon. Finally, on Sunday, Mikel and I met one of my great friends, Charlie Schorgl, for a fun-filled match at a great course called Pasatiempo. There were a couple of noteworthy things that occurred during the match on Sunday. First of all, Charlie and his partner, Rocky, out-dueled Mikel and I on the back nine in extra holes to take a sandwich off of us. In more exciting news, Mikel made his ninth hole-in-one with a perfect nine iron on the 145-yard 15th hole. It was a wonderful highlight to wrap up a great week!

This past week was a little bit out of character for me. I did not finish all of my Map Goals. In fact, I didn't even try to do so. I love to practice, and hard work on the golf course is never really "work" to me, but I needed to remember how much I enjoy just playing golf. I had a blast just playing golf this past week. Now I am in Pebble Beach for this week's Tour event, and it is back to work. I will get all of my Map Goals done this week, but when I'm out there on the course in the tournament, I will remember how much I enjoy just playing golf.

It's going to be a fantastic week. Please come back for updates from this beautiful place. Thank you for following me!

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