Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time to Relax

Golf is one of the things that I love to do in life. In round 2 at the First Stage of Q-school at Callaway Gardens, I was letting golf be more than what it is. From the very beginning of the second round, I was treating every shot as if it was life and death. I was nervous and fidgety all day, and I hit some of the worst shots I have hit in a long time. I held it together pretty well and actually had some glimmers of hope on the front nine, but a string of narrowly missed make-able birdie putts left me at even par as I made the turn. On the back nine, my discomfort started to rear its head. I badly missed the fairway with four tee shots on my second nine holes, and I had to do a great job of holding it together in order to post just two bogeys from those errant tee shots. I ended up with a second-round score of 73. I was not in a good place mentally during the round, but I played very hard and am proud of the fact that I didn't blow up to a very high score. As it is, my score definitely has me a bit behind the proverbial 8-ball at the half-way point of Stage 1, but I am in a position where two solid rounds the next two days can still easily get the job done. I had a nice practice session after my round, and I know that I am playing well enough to get the job done this week. I love to golf, and I especially love to play competitive golf. The next two days will definitely be intense competition, but if I can relax and enjoy it, I'll be in good shape. It's time to have fun and play well! Come back and check on me for a good round-3 report Friday evening. Thank you so much for keeping up with me and for your support!

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