Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wichita Round 2

Well, it still stinks! I have the weekend off in Wichita after a disappointing second-round score of 75. Regardless of the good play that precedes it, a missed cut just feels awful. However, my game is still in great shape, and I've already turned my attention (and my travel) toward next week's event in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The result in Wichita, though disappointing, does nothing to derail my pursuit of my goals. 

So what happened in Wichita? I'm really not sure. I played beautifully to begin the tournament. In fact, I was bogey-free and four under par through the first 16 holes of the competition despite a fairly cold putter.  During that stretch, I hit some fantastic shots and really felt great about things. I finished sloppily on Thursday with bogies on my final two holes, but I felt like I went into Friday with a good attitude. I definitely didn't execute my shots as sharply on Friday, but I didn't feel that far off, either. After opening my round with a par, I bogied five consecutive holes. During that stretch, I hit a couple of tee shots into the rough and one poor iron shot, but three times I hit what I thought were pretty good approach shots that ended up off the back of the green in bad shape. I think I was just misjudging the wind. Whatever the cause of the miscues, my rough start had me behind the eight-ball, but I was proud of the way I stayed committed to my plan. I did a nice job of playing one shot at a time; I simply couldn't get anything going. I felt like I had a chance to play my way back into the tournament until a slightly over-drawn tee shot on the par-four seventh hole (my 16th on Friday) found the water. That led to a sloppy double-bogey and my fate was sealed. Still, I finished with some great shots on my last two holes and birdied my final hole of the tournament. 

No amount of positive thinking, or even a birdie on the final hole, can make a missed cut stink less, but I am not moving forward from my week in Wichita feeling discouraged. Alicia and I changed our travel plans and are on our way to Canada this (Sunday) morning. I am excited to go have a great week in Nova Scotia and give myself another chance to win a tournament. 

I'll come back early next week with an update about my Process Goals. I'm excited to keep working hard (and smart) and keep getting better. Thank you for following me and caring about my career. Keep it here for updates from Canada!


  1. Still rooting for you Peter. Keep working hard and you will be rewarded. Love your attitude and demeanor on the course.

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  3. Welcome to Nova Scotia Peter. Looking forward to playing with you in the Pro Am tomorrow. Good luck in the Tournament this week.!

  4. Welcome to Nova Scotia Peter. Looking forward to playing with you in the Pro Am tomorrow. Good luck in the Tournament this week.!


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