Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rust-Oleum Championship Rounds 2 & 3

I followed my opening-round 64 with consecutive rounds of 67 on Friday and Saturday. My play in the third round was a little bit different than the first two. After hitting nearly every green in regulation through the first 36 holes, I was a little bit erratic in round three. I missed a few fairways and missed lots of greens, but my short game was spot on, and I never made a bogey. It is really cool for me to see that I can achieve the outcome I want using different areas of my game. I shot the same score in rounds two and three but played completely differently. Now, with that said, I like the hitting-lots-of-greens variety better, but it's exciting to know that I have the game to post a great round even when I'm not hitting the ball my best. And, by the way, even though I missed a lot more greens on Saturday, I still feel like I'm swinging great. My game is in great shape, and my scores are reflecting that. 

My performance here in Cleveland has me in the position for which I strive. I am leading by two shots heading into the final round. There is definitely a lot of excitement that comes with this position and some nerves as well, but I am prepared for it, and this is exactly where I want to be. I am going to go out there today with a great attitude, play one shot at a time, trust my hard work, and post another good score. I will take care of my business. I relish this opportunity. 

Keep it here for a report from the final round, which I will post sometime on Monday. Thank you for following me and believing in me!  


  1. Good luck Alicia and Peter- you were the stars of Round 3 on the Golf Channel. We loved your verbal visualization process. It works.

  2. Go get em Peter! Take it low and bring it home!


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