Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Process Goals: Segment 1 Complete!

I know that if you follow and root for me, the fun stuff to hear about is good tournament results. I didn't exactly deliver those over the past two weeks, but I really am feeling better about things in my golf game than I have in a long time. After a frustrating year on the PGA Tour last year during which I struggled in a lot of areas, I committed myself to improving in two major ways. First of all, I committed to improving my swing mechanics. I sought out a new swing instructor to add to my team and dedicated myself to learning about and improving my golf swing. Secondly, I committed to getting back to my style of preparation--a planned, goal-oriented practice and conditioning regimen. I have done a great job of following through on both of these commitments, and I am confident that the fun stuff--namely, good tournament results--is on the way!

The work that I have done on my golf swing feels so good and makes so much sense that I expect it to all work right away. I do think it is very close to clicking, but I found that when things got a little bit out of sorts in my last tournament, I couldn't quite find the same feelings on the course that I am able to achieve in my practice... YET. I will get there, and it won't take me long. I am definitely moving in the correct direction, and that will begin to shine through in competition very soon.

My style of preparation is embodied in my Process Goals, which hold me accountable to weekly fitness routines and practice schedules. This year's version of my Process Goals breaks the year down into five-week segments and gives me a little bit of flexibility by allowing for a couple of light practice and light fitness weeks each segment. This past Sunday wrapped up the first five-week segment of the year, and I am very pleased to say that I completed all of my Process Goals. I know that following my plan and achieving my Process Goals puts me on the path to accomplish my Outcome Goals, so I am feeling great!

Here is a picture of my Process Goal journal from two weeks ago. This was a Full Fitness Routine and a Full Practice Schedule week.  

My tournament results have not been what I expect or want yet this year, but I still feel like I am on the right path. I have lofty Outcome Goals, but I also have a great plan to achieve them. I'm going to continue to be committed to improving my swing mechanics and following my Process Goals, and I am condident that I will have success. 

The Web.com Tour does not play again for three weeks. I'm not yet certain what all I will do in that three week period, but one safe bet is that I will work hard and get better. Thank you for following me and keep it here for practice reports and other updates. Great stuff is coming!


  1. Good luck Peter, Hope you have a great 2nd round...

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