Monday, February 16, 2015

Cold Week at Home; Warm in LA

I spent last Monday through Saturday in a very cold East Tennessee. We had a beautiful day on Wednesday, but apart from that, it was a hard week of work. I am very very pleased with my level of productivity given the situation. I did a lot of work on my swing mechanics indoors and maximized my outdoor practice time as well. I had every intention of completing a Full Fitness Routine and Full Practice Schedule last week, and a fought hard until the end. I had a great week of fitness work and easily completed my Full Fitness Routine. I had a lot of very good goal-oriented practice and completed a lot of the elements of my Full Practice Schedule, but I simply ran out of time with a couple of practice items remaining. I did complete a Light Practice Schedule, and I'm very pleased with the work I did. It was challenging weather-wise, but I enjoyed some great time at home and still got in some great work last week.

Instead of getting better, the ten-day forecast says that things are getting worse in the short-term in my beautiful Tennessee home. I decided on Friday morning that I needed to get out of there so that I could keep moving forward with my golf game. I booked a last minute flight to Southern California and signed up for the PGA Tour's Los Angeles Open Monday Qualifier. I took off early Sunday morning at landed in sunny Los Angeles just before noon Pacific Time. Poor weather is not typically the motivating factor to sign up for an event, but in an inverted way, it was this time. I am excited to be in some warm sunshine and to keep getting better. 

Now that I am here, I am excited to tee off later this afternoon with a chance to qualify for a PGA Tour event. My practice has felt great, and I am ready to play well today. This is a popular Monday Qualifier, and it will definitely take a great round to get the job done, but I am ready to post one. I am going to have a smart plan on every shot, commit to it, and execute fearlessly. I felt that in my first two Tour events this year, my mental game was rusty more than my physical game. I'm ready to shake off that rust. I'm excited to compete. It's going to be a good day!

There was a fog delay out here this morning, and that almost ensures that I will not finish my 18 holes today, but I will get started well. I will update you on my progress tonight, and hopefully will have great news by Tuesday morning! Thank you for keeping up with me!

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