Sunday, April 20, 2014

Great Thoughts as I Head Back Out

had another fantastic week of work at home in East Tennessee the past seven days. In total, I spent 17 days at home--my longest stretch since Christmas--and I used that time quite well. In addition to soaking up very quality time with my Bride, I rekindled my commitment to my process and absolutely had some of my best practice in a long while. I completed all of my Map Goals both weeks that I was home, and that has me feeling great physically and mentally as I hit the road to get back to tournament action. 

I have been practicing a refreshing new swing idea over the past two weeks and am excited about the progress I'm feeling. I certainly don't believe that anything about my technique has been broken, and I'm not trying to re-invent anything, but I have made a couple of slight changes that I think can help me be more consistent. I'm maintaining a more square club face throughout my swing which allows me to rotate my body more and my hands less through impact. It is not a dramatic change, but I feel like it can have a great impact. I would not say that I am yet 100% comfortable with the way the change feels, but I understand it and believe in it. It is going to be great. 

I am on my way to New Orleans for the PGA Tour's Zurich Classic. Armed with a thorough commitment to my practice routine and a simple new swing thought, I'm feeling great! I've been so darn worried about my results all year that I haven't been able to relax and play golf. These last two weeks at home have been just what I needed. I'm ready to take care of the things I can control--my preparation and my attitude. I'm ready to turn a corner and start playing Peter Malnati golf. That doesn't guarantee that the results will be good every single week, but it does mean that I will be having a lot of fun and making steady progress. That sounds pretty good to me, and I'm excited to get to work in New Orleans! 

Thank you very much for following me and believing in me. I say this a lot, but I know it's true: great stuff is coming! Keep it here for reports and thoughts from New Orleans. 


  1. Respect your approach and determination to the preparation process. Expecting success for you in New Orleans this week!

  2. Best of luck this week at the Zurich Classic from a fellow Hoosier. I live in NE Indiana near Auburn. It was interesting when I read that you live near Dandridge now. I used to go down to Banesberry Golf Resort every March with a group of friends for a 4 or 5 day golf getaway every year. It's been a few years since I've been down there because it's hard to get the gang together anymore but I really miss it, beautiful area. Will be watching the leader board for you!


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