Thursday, April 10, 2014

11-Hour Days

It seems that everywhere I turn, someone is warning me not to "wear myself out." "It's a long year." "You need to take some time off." "You are going to 'burn out'." I hear all of that stuff a lot, and I do know that I certainly need to enjoy some time away from golf, but I don't think anyone understands how much I genuinely love to play and practice. I am home and have had some good weather, and I can't get enough.

I am going to get back into a practice routine like the one I have maintained for the last three years. For a variety of reasons (some legitimate and some inexcusable), I have struggled mightily to settle into a good practice routine this year on the PGA Tour. For the first time all year, I am going to enjoy two weeks with good weather home from competition, and I am using this time to re-establish my good habits and will really commit to taking this strong routine on the road with me.

The first thing I did to start this week was type up a new weekly fitness schedule that I can use to hold myself accountable for getting my workouts done. It is a very thorough yet extremely reasonable plan, and I know that following it will help me stay in great competitive shape. Here is what my fitness plan looks like:

Workout Schedule

Monday: Body Prep; Shoulder Series; Full-body Strength Training; 2 Sprint Sets

Tuesday: Body Prep; 1 Sprint Set

Wednesday: 30-minute Jog; 1 Sprint Set; Plank Series; Core Stability/Mobility Workout

Thursday/Friday: (early tee time) Body Prep; Full-body Strength Training; 2 Sprint Sets

Thursday/Friday: (late tee time) Body Prep; Shoulder Series

Saturday: Body Prep; Core Stability/Mobility Workout; 2 Sprint Sets

*At least 50 push-ups per day Monday-Saturday
**Include a 20+ second backward run at the end of each sprint set

In addition to the new fitness schedule, I am really getting after the practice plan I have set in place with my Map Goals. I know that I talk about my Map Goals a lot, and I know that a lot of people think that's a funny name, so in the coming days, I'm going to write an entire post about why I have my Map Goals and what they are. For now, just know that I am following them and using them to get better in all areas of my game.

I love this time of year, and I love to work at my profession. I am feeling great, and can't wait to keep improving. Thank you for following along on this journey with me and for showing your unwavering support. Great things are coming!

By the way, it's baseball season, and this Scotty Cameron putter and Vokey wedge (both by Titleist) say it all:

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  1. Love your preparation process and commitment - the results will come.
    Keep working hard!


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