Saturday, March 1, 2014

Back to What I Do

This week has been great for me. After not getting into the PGA Tour event in Florida, I traveled up to Hilton Head Island to play on the eGolf Professional Tour at a course called Palmetto Hall. I definitely do not have my "A"-game right now, or anything even close to that, but I got back to my style of play this week, and despite hitting the ball atrociously on a demanding golf course, I put together a couple of decent rounds. I opened with an even-par round of 72 in very rainy conditions, and after starting my second round with a bogey on the easy par-five 10th hole, I played a good round and posted a round-two 69. My final round was thwarted by an absolutely horrific swing and a ridiculous brain cramp which combined to lead to a quadruple bogey on the third hole. I battled hard and managed six birdies in the final round, but was simply too inconsistent to sustain any kind of comeback. I posted a final-round 75. None of those scores are great; and my 15th placd finish in this small-field mini-tour event is certainly nothing to be excited about; and I hit the ball like garbage all week; but I felt some really good stuff going on out there as well. It was really fun to play tournament golf, and I am excited to go build on some of the things I felt on the course.

The first thing I tried to do this week was relax and have fun the whole time on the course. It is no fun making quadruple bogeies or hitting the ball terribly, but I kept my attitude in the right place all week and did smile a lot. I am ready to carry that attitude with me into this week's PGA Tour event in Puerto Rico. Even though I am struggling mightily with my ball-striking, I am going to stay relaxed and trust my short game, putting, and all the hard work I am doing. It is going to be a great week!

I am going to try to get back to some of the things I was thinking about and doing last summer and fall. I am traveling to Puerto Rico on Sunday night, and when I get there on Monday I will have a new plan of action going forward. That new plan will feature a lot of the elements that were a part of my everyday routine last summer. Please come back early next week for some exciting new thoughts. 

Thank you for following me and for offering your support and encouragement. I can tell that most of you are rooting hard for me, and I really appreciate that!


  1. You've probably heard this grip pressure tip before but it sometimes helps. Old Sam Snead used to say that you should hold the club like you had a small bird in your hands; not too tight to hurt it but just firm enough so it can't fly away.

  2. Omaha Fan Club is behind you 100%!!


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