Monday, September 23, 2013

Great Week "Off"

I feel fantastic. I never really get tired of playing tournament golf, but it was so nice to have a week at home this past week. I did great work on my game, spent some intensely productive time with Alicia getting things ready for her to move into our new home, and got myself regrouped for the last of the Tour Finals events. It was a great week.

My practice this past week was a perfect example of why I have my "Map Goals." I definitely had a very busy week, but I began each day with a plan of the things I needed to accomplish, and that plan came largely from my Map Goals. Despite feeling crunched for time and having a wash-out rain day on Saturday, I completed all of my goals last week, and that gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. In fact, I was up and at 'em early Sunday morning to have some practice before driving to Jacksonville, Florida, in the afternoon, and while I was working on my last couple putting drills of the week, I definitely was feeling tournament-like pressure to get them done. I had to rely on the strength of my routine to stay calm and finish them. What valuable practice! In addition to that, I had a great week of short game work, a very good week with my fitness routine, and had time to play three fairly competitive matches with friends. It was a very thorough and productive week of work.

The house is looking good, too. We still are waiting on some finishing touches to be corrected by our builder, but things are looking great, and Alicia is now living in the house. What an exciting time!

I am now in Jacksonville, Florida, and am ready to begin preparations for this week's Tour Championship at the TPC Sawgrass Valley Course. I know I'm going to have a great week, but I'll be back soon with an update about the course and how things are feeling.

By the way, with everything that is happening, it's easy to lose perspective, but here is something REALLY important. My friend Madeline from Columbus, Ohio, (see youtube link from a couple posts ago) got some scary news last week. Let's all send positive vibes her way as Doctors do a biopsy this week and try to figure out what caused the irregularity in her most recent scan. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your support and encouragement. Please keep it here for more updates along the way.

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