Sunday, September 15, 2013

Great Practice, Great Perspective, Great Potential

For those of you who have already seen the results from this week's Tour Finals event in Columbus, Ohio, I don't have to tell you that I didn't have my best stuff on the course. I had a good attitude and tried hard all day on Friday, but I simply couldn't find it. I did very little right and posted a second-round, nine-over-par score of 80. That, of course, afforded me the weekend off from tournament golf. It's not fun to miss cuts, but I have played at a very high level for a long stretch lately, and I'm not concerned about the state of my game. Despite the horrific results on the course, I actually had an amazing week, and I feel great!

I feel very satisfied to report that I  completed all of my Map Goals this week. I had quite a bit of work still to do when I traveled home from Columbus on Saturday afternoon but had one of my most thorough and efficient days of practice on Sunday. I completed all of my goals and really feel great about all aspects of my game. 

This week was also awesome because of the time I was able to spend with Madeline Richardson and her family. Madeline is only nine years old, but has already battled an extremely deadly and aggressive form of cancer. She has been in remission for more than a year, and her smile and love of life are incredibly refreshing. I was so lucky to get to spend time with her and her family this week. Here's a story about the joy I experienced this week and the great sense of perspective of which it reminded me:

I am home all week this week and am looking forward to a great week of work and also to some big things in my life. I'll give more information on that in a few days, but as always, great stuff is happening! Thank you for caring about me and following my career. Please come back for practice reports and updates from a big week at home.


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