Sunday, September 8, 2013

Great Week of Work; Time to Have Fun on Sunday

For the second consecutive week, I have completed all of my practice goals (Map Goals). I am very happy with that. I know that I have set some lofty goals for myself, and I also know that following my map is the best way to achieve them. It is very rewarding to and edifying to check off all of the work on my list, so the past two weeks have me feeling great.

Speaking of the lofty goals that I have set for myself, I am in great position to achieve a couple of them this week. I played beautifully on Saturday in the third round of the Tour Finals event at River Run Country Club, and I find myself just one shot behind the leaders heading into the final round. My third round featured a very hot start during which I birdied four of the first six holes. I actually played fairly solidly the rest of the way as well, but only managed one more birdie and dropped a couple shots to finish with a three-under-par round of 69. I am playing well and feeling great about things, though. Sunday will be a very fun day. Like I said before the third round, I am going to stay in the present, focus on each shot, and have a blast out there on the course.

Come back in the evening for a brief report from the action. It's going to be good news. Thank you for following me and for all your support and encouragement!


  1. Great round today Mr. Peter. I loved watching you play this week at the Chiquita Classic. Thanks for the autograph and the big hug. Hope to get to see you play again soon!
    Sam Wilson

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