Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Working Hard, Getting Better, and Enjoying a Beautiful Spot

Though the beauty in these pictures is absolutely breathtaking, I have had a very focused week of work thus far in Utah. My golf game showed some slight signs of rust on Monday after a very light week of practice last week, but I have improved steadily each day. My practice sessions this week have all been very focused and goal-oriented, and it is amazing how much sharper my game has felt every day. I really feel like I am setting myself up for a very good tournament. 

This week's event is at a course called Willow Creek Country Club just south of Salt Lake city. The course features fairly small landing areas off the tee and greens that require quite a bit of precision. Firm fairways and very firm greens combined with an altitude of nearly a mile high will put a premium on distance control. I feel very comfortable after three days of practicing at this altitude and am confident that I am ready for the challenge.

I did give myself a few hours off from golf on Wednesday morning to enjoy some "Mountain Time"! The first picture above is from the eighth tee box at Willow Creek, and the second picture is from the trail that I hiked. Obviously, this is a pretty cool place.

I get started on Thursday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. I am confident, composed, and ready to have a great week. Keep it here for nightly updates after my rounds. Thank you very much for following me. 

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