Sunday, July 7, 2013

Uniquely Great Week

So, I didn't have the week that I had predicted I would, but the past seven days have been very productive in an unusual way. I had a very light week of work. Soggy East Tennessee weather bogged me down early in the week, and then, rather than being stressed and trying to play hyper-catch-up (which would have been difficult anyway because it truly rained every day), I decided to cash in one of my off-weeks from my work goals and enjoyed a really great life experience with my sweetheart, Alicia. We are pumped because Alicia recently accepted a job at the University of Tennessee, and she moved to East Tennessee on Wednesday. I can't tell you how excited we are to be in the same area code! We spent the last three days getting her settled and cruising around rainy East TN. To know that we are another step closer to starting our lives together is absolutely great!

From a golf standpoint, I'm feeling great, too. I certainly didn't have the week of practice that I like to have consistently, but I did enough to stay sharp. I feel like the relaxation has me recharged and ready to play well. I am on my to Salt Lake City for the Tour's Utah Championship, and will get there on Sunday evening. This will give me three full days of solid work before the tournament begins on Thursday. I am feeling very good and expect to continue improving.

Keep it here for updates from Utah. Thank you very much for following me and supporting my career!

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