Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Goals for the Remainder of This Breakthrough Year

I believe that my work ethic is second to none, and I know that my dedication to my practice routine is a big part of the reason for my consistent improvement. My goals are an important catalyst for my practice habits. As I have played my way into some new opportunities this summer, I feel like my goals need to adapt to my changing environment. Though the overall structure is the same, I have made some changes to both my outcome goals ("Result Goals", below) and my process goals ("Map Goals"). The new goals fit my current situation a little bit more specifically than my previous set did, and I feel incredibly motivated to get to work on my Map Goals so that I can realize the Result Goals on my list. I have struggled with my process goals all year this year, and, while I don't believe my revised process goals (now called my "Map Goals") are any less challenging, I do think that they are slightly more concrete and fit my current needs better than the previous version. I will get to my Result Goals because I'm going to follow my "Map"!

Here is the revised edition of my goals for the remainder of 2013:

A. Result Goals: (in priority order)

1. Earn full status on at least the Tour for the 2014 season
   Possible ways to achieve:
     -Reach the top 75 on the 2013 Tour money list by the end of the regular season in late August
     -Advance through all stages of Tour Qualifying School and play well at Final Stage

2. Win multiple events before the end of 2013
   Possibilities: Tour
     -NGA Tour
     -eGolf Professional Tour
     -State Opens
     -Q-school Stages

B. Statistical Goal:

Have a par-5 scoring average at or below 4.5 for the remainder of my competitive rounds in 2013

C. Map Goals: (how I'm going to get there)

1. Putting
      -Complete each of my putting drills twice per week--total of six drills per week
          i. Make 24 different 3-footers consecutively
          ii. Make at least 18 of 24 different 6 footers
          iii. 9-hole lag drill
     -Check alignment and putter path once per week

2. Short game and wedges
     -Using proximity drills and friendly competitions, complete 4 hours of short game practice per non-tournament week and 2 hours of short game practice per tournament week
          *tournament weeks consist of two or more rounds of tournament golf
          *in chipping competitions, I can count the entire duration of my practice towards my weekly time if I win. If I lose the competition, I must divide the duration of the competition by the total number of competitors to determine the amount of time I count towards my weekly practice.
     -On every non-tournament week, measure and record my full swing distance with each wedge
     -Chip in at least five balls per week and hole at least one bunker shot per week
           *if a tournament site has no practice bunker, I will forgive the last requirement.

3. Ball-striking
     -Complete one 54-shot challenge each week
     -Hit all of the 9 shot shapes with 5 different clubs each week

4. Fitness
     -Complete 3 cardiovascular workouts and 3 strength training workouts per non-tournament week and AT LEAST 2 cardiovascular workouts and 2 strength training workouts per tournament week.
          *again, a tournament week consists of two or more rounds of tournament golf
     -Complete at least 4 stretching/mobility sessions of 10-20 minutes per week.

     -Believe in myself and the process I'm going through to achieve my goals. Enjoy the good times and the challenging ones and always stay positive.

6. (this should be number 1) Be a good fiancé, brother, son, uncle, and friend.
     -This is measured by the happiness and meaning that I am able to share with those around me. If I can achieve this goal, the golf stuff should be easy.

So you can see where I want to be by the end of the year and the route I am going to take to get there!

Despite an entire day devoted to travel on Wednesday, I am off to a good start towards my Map Goals for this week. I am excited to keep improving. Keep it here for more updates from this week of practice.

By the way, I will be back in action on the Tour next week. I am in the field for the Mylan Classic at Southpointe Golf Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The field for that event is determined by the Tour's money list, and my standing is more than high enough to get me into the tournament. So that is exciting stuff, and even more motivation to have a great week of work.

Thank you for following me and believing in me. Great stuff is coming!


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